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September 6, 2016

pudina paneer recipe - mint paneer recipe

pudina paneer recipe - paneer gravy using mint and coriander leaves

pudina paneer
pudina paneer recipe - paneer cooked with mint and coriander leaves.another paneer recipe and this one is based on green chutney but the method is little bit different.You did not need any rich ingredients to go with this recipe.The color looks bright green and this is perfectly go with pulao and flat breads.

August 30, 2016

nawabi paneer -nawabi paneer curry - easy paneer curry recipes

nawabi paneer - paneer curry with coconut and poppy seeds

nawabi paneer

nawabi paneer - recipe made with paneer and green peas and coconut and poppy seeds based curry.the recipe is so simple to make and i made this few months back and this will perfectly goes with rice and flat breads.

August 11, 2016

aloo rasedar recipe - aloo tomato curry recipe

aloo rasedar recipe - aloo masala for pooris

aloo rasedar

aloo rasedar recipe - curry or semi gravy made with tomatoes,onions and potatoes.one interesting recipe made with potato and the color is provided by the red chilli powder by roasting it in the oil in low flame.The recipe originated from Uttar Pradesh and the recipe is so simple to make and it is full of flavors.

August 9, 2016

mughlai paneer - mughlai shahi paneer recipe

mughlai shahi paneer recipe - easy paneer recipes

mughlai paneer

mughlai shahi paneer recipe - made with onion,cashew paste along with some cream to make it more rich.This recipe goes well with all parathas,rotis and chapatis and also with some spicy pulao and biryanis.

I already shared shahi paneer recipe which is more spicier version and made with yogurt instead of cream.here i made the recipe with cream and cashews along with some saffron soaked milk.As you all know am obsessed with paneer recipes and love to experiment with,so i searched some new recipes with paneer a month back and got this amazing at the same time very mild recipe which is perfect for this season.

August 6, 2016

veg makhanwala - veg makhani recipe - easy side for rotis

veg makhanwala recipe - vegetable makhani recipe

veg makhanwala

vegetable makhanwala recipe - vegetable makhani recipe - the recipe made with butter,vegetables,tomato and cream.vegetable makhani or makhanwala,the name itself asks for butter and and the creamy texture of the recipe with some vegetables in it.I already made paneer makhani recipe which is super easy to make and it almost come with tomato cashew paste and ignoring onion in the recipe.I too made this recipe without onion in it and this is well paired with any Indian flat breads,biryani and pulao varieties.
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